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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Unknown Hitler: 10 Ironic Facts

Adolf Hitler has been judged by world  powers as one of the most wicked, evil people who ever lived. At least, that is the 'official' story in the history books, main stream media, tv documentaries, Hollywood films, novels and even as an iconic image in pop culture. There's even a cute little puppy that resembles him to the point of becoming an internet celebrity and the website Cats that look like Hitler has attracted millions of visits. No other dead man in history has ever been a more bountiful cash cow, churning out endless profits for those promoting the politically-correct view of the man and his legacy. Hardly a week goes by without another 'evil Hitler' or 'evil Nazi' story somewhere in the media. But what is the bigger picture of Adolf Hitler? What are some of the unknown things about him that the average minded 'Hitler-haters' have never heard? This is not an effort to exonerate or mitigate any of the real tragedies of WW2, rather it is an effort to fill out the partial image of the man that so many have worked so hard to create in the minds of the masses.
This is a simple list of strange and surprising Hitler facts that are remarkably ironic. Some are even prophetic. Prepare to be astounded...

# 10

Hitler Was An Amazing Artist
Most people are vaguely familiar with the story of Hitler being a frustrated artist who was denied entry to art school because he wasn't 'good enough'. Unfortunately, that's all most know about Hitler as an artist. In 1908, an 18 year old Hitler moved to Vienna, where he walked the same streets as Freud, Gustav Mahler, Beethoven, Mozart and Egon Schiele, but he did so as one of the city's faceless, teeming poor. He often slept in squalid homeless shelters and under bridges. Intent on becoming an artist, he twice failed the art academy's admission test; his drawing skills were declared "unsatisfactory." A thin, sallow youth, he wasn't cut out for physical labor. With help from a friend, he managed to earn a meager living drawing postcard views of Vienna and selling them to tourists often on sidewalk cafes. 
During his fateful rise to power, Hitler continued to sketch, paint and sculpt copious amounts of art. The accepted theory that he was a failed artist isn't entirely true. If one were to look at most any of the works done by Hitler without knowing who created it, most would find the art satisfactory at the very least. Adolf Hitler left a large amount of impressive work proving his artistic talents. However, these works have essentially become illegal and most have gone underground into the hands of private collectors. Occasionally, an exhibit of his art will pop up in a brave gallery somewhere, only to be bashed as 'evil' and 'degenerate' by the zionist media. When in point of fact, it is often sensitive, beautiful and even, yes, touching. If you can find them for sale, Hitler's paintings start in the $10,000 dollar range and keep going up from there. However, such is the universal public disdain for the man, that if you actually bought a Hitler painting and hung it on your wall you'd best not point to the signature at the bottom when showing it to house guests.
These examples of the Unknown Hitler are just another view of the biased and slanted way history is written - and enforced - by the "winners". Hitler might not have made much money from his paintings but another side of his creative powers was used to to write his self-published best-selling autobiography 'Mein Kampf'. A book that sold millions of copies and ironically helped fund his Nazi empire. 

# 9

Hitler Was A Vegetarian
Adolf Hitler was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and urged Germans to follow his lead. He didn't smoke cigarettes or do drugs and was a vegan decades before it became trendy and fashionable.  After decades of rumors, his last living 'food taster' Margot Woelk finally admitted:
"It was all vegetarian, the most delicious fresh things, from asparagus to peppers and peas, served with rice and salads. It was all arranged on one plate, just as it was served to him. There was no meat and I do not remember any fish...Of course I was afraid. If it had been poisoned I would not be here today. We were forced to eat it, we had no choice."


Started The World's First National Anti-Smoking Campaign 

Hitler hated cigarettes and the vile stench of tobacco so much, he essentially banned smoking. His world-first anti-smoking campaign put a huge dent in the pockets of American and British tobacco interests and needless to say the Marlboro Man was not at all happy with a healthy, smoke-free Germany. Ironically, Hitler smoked for at least 20 years before realizing that smoking is a killer and made major efforts to remove it from society. Fast forward fifty years, and Hitler's fantasies about smoking have basically come true.


 #7  Was A Pioneer In Cancer Research
In 1908, Hitler's mother died of breast cancer, a rare casualty at that time. This event nearly destroyed him, leaving him homeless on the streets of Vienna for more than four years. He was angry and bitter at the world and struggled to sell his paintings and drawings for a living. The grueling and difficult days during his rise to power fueled his quest to break new barriers in cancer researchHitler's 'War On Cancer' accomplished some surprisingly good things and his scientific team was the first to discover that smoking tobacco actually caused lung cancerSome of those scientists were brought to America by the CIA after the war in Operation Paper Clip and ended up helping Americans understand how to deal with the growing cancer crisis.

# 6 His Bodyguard Was Jewish
Emil Maurice was one of Hitler's oldest friends. They even spent time together in prison after the failed coup attempt in Munich.  Besides being the Fuhrer's bodyguard, Emil was also his personal chauffeur, ghostwriter, first supreme SA Leader, originator of the SS. All the while, Emil Maurice was totally Jewish. This bizarre fact infuriated some of the high ranking Nazi Officers like Himmler. Hitler didn't care. He was loyal to Emil who was loyal right back. Their relationship even suffered a weird setback when Emil allegedly tried to steal Hitler's favorite niece away from him. Geli Raubal was 19 years younger than Hitler and is said to have had an affair with Hitler. Emil also became involved with her which resulted in Hitler firing him for a brief time, but then hired him back. They remained friends up until the end of their inglorious careers. Hitler went to great lengths trying to cover up the fact that one of his best friends was Jewish. Ironically, up to half a million Jews are reported to have served in the Wehrmacht during the war years, a fact that virtually no one knows. Look it up and see for yourself.

# 5  He Was For Animal Rights
Hitler was pretty much the ideological Godfather of PETA.

# 4  Hitler Created The First Freeways & Volkswagen
Hitler created a network of Highways (autobahns) that are still being used today. Every maniac who has ever gone 200 MPH on the amazing German Autobahn basically has Hitler to thank for it.  The Germans who built those time-busting transit arteries were even given paid vacations - the first time in modern history - so pleased was Hitler with the results, he had embarked on a revolutionary project with the parallel hope of creating an automobile the average citizen could afford, a car for the people a 'Volks Wagen'. In doing so, Hitler launched the iconic motor company Volkswagen. Despite the amateurish sketch of the VW Bug that Hitler supposedly drew during a lunch in Munich, there has been chatter, some suggest contrived by Zionist propaganda experts, that the real originator was a Jewish engineer named Josef GanzIn any case, the Volkswagen, especially the Beetle, has been enjoyed by people the world over and has a bedrock place in automobile history. Few are aware of its unusual and controversial history.


# 3  Hitler Might Have Escaped to Argentina
New theories suggest that Hitler lived to be 95 in the Argentine countryside
 # 2  Hitler Basically Created the Modern Olympics
And even shook hands with African-American Olympic hero Jesse Owens...
 # 1 
 Hitler was Against the Rothschild Money Masters and never wanted War!
He was opposed to World War 2, the New World Order and the idea of Central Banking


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Did Michael Jackson Fake his own Death?

Before we begin to analyze whether or not Michael Jackson faked his own death, let’s start at the beginning with his relationship with Lisa Marie Presley, a rather mysterious figure as well. This post is a continuation of the “Did Elvis Fake his Death?” post that has since gone viral and inspired a book on Elvis Conspiracies, scheduled for publication this Christmas. Some of the feedback I received from the Elvis post was to look into the possibility that Michael Jackson might have also faked his own death. After all, Jackson was a huge fan of the King and even married his daughter. Or did he? Down the rabbit hole we go…

Lisa Marie Presley is the most famous ‘only child’ in the world. The daughter of Elvis and the sole heir to his money-making empire, she’s never had to work a day in her life. She even cashed in on her father’s name and recorded a few albums, some of which astonishingly managed to go platinum. She’s produced films, done a little acting and even married the King of Pop Michael Jackson. A proud mother and eternal torch bearer of the Presley name, Lisa Marie has remained famous and intriguing simply for being Elvis’ daughter. But is she the ‘real’ Lisa Marie or an imposter? 

Swedish scientist Hakan Borglund and investigative reporter Annika Sundbaum-Melin have been searching for the truth on this matter since 1990 and are convinced that . Hakan Borglund has dedicated  twenty-five years studying the facts about Elvis Presley's only child, and is of the opinion that the Lisa Marie Presley portrayed in the press is a double and not the real thing. The first press appearance of false Lisa Marie was in 1982 when she was supposed to be fifteen, after that she disappeared for five years and there weren’t any pictures published or articles written about her whatsoever. The missing teenage years are crucial considering this is when the pubertal facial growth spurt happens, leading to the changing of the facial features all humans go through. Borglund has done a facial analysis based on pictures of a nine year-old Lisa Marie with modern ones and was shocked to find that Lisa Marie's skull has shrunk more than 13 percent after puberty. It’s scientifically impossible for a skull to shrink during the aging process. Greger Johnson, a biologist at the University of Lund agrees with Borglund’s theory that the person now calling herself Lisa Marie is a double. Maybe the need for a double was a calculated move by the family, it’s postulated that the real Lisa Marie was kept hidden from the public eye due to serious kidnapping threats when Lisa Marie was a little girl, she made her last public appearance at his funeral service as a nine year old. Upon turning 18 in 1986, Lisa Marie flashed by in few American magazine appearances then disappeared again. 

In 1988 she married Danny Keough whom she met at the church of Scientology. A few years later she appeared in the press after giving birth a daughter and then again in 1992 after having another child, this time a boy. In 1993 "People Weekly" told the public that Lisa Marie was living with her family in a three-bedroom apartment in Hollywood without bodyguards. When she turned 25 she was eligible for her inheritance, then worth close to a hundred million dollars. She turned the inheritance down, claiming not to be mature enough to handle it. Waiting for another five years, she postponed the massive allowance while her mother and the church of Scientology began running the Graceland empire from behind the scenes. 

In 1994 Dee Presley , the woman Vernon fell in love with in Germany and later married, admitted live on TV during the Elvis tribute from Memphis that Priscilla hasn’t allowed her to meet Lisa Marie since 1978. Then there’s the strange case of Lisa Johansen, a Swedish woman who sued the Presley estate for 130 million dollars, claiming that she was "the real Lisa Marie Presley" who was forcibly exiled to Sweden after the death of her father and replaced by an imposter. But Johansen's memoir, I, Lisa Marie, was trashed after she refused to take an agreed-upon DNA test for her publisher. 

Lisa Marie (or her double) had stayed very quiet and pretty mysterious in the public eye until shocking the world by controversially marrying Michael Jackson in 1994. The marriage in the tropical Dominican Republic was universally seen as a cheap publicity stunt. Lisa Marie appeared in the Michael Jackson video for the song “You are not alone”, a great song and probably the only artistic highlight of their brief courtship. 

Journalist Tom Paine writes: The marriage was a joke and has since proven to be nothing more than a hoax. The “wedding” took place in a Justice of the Peace’s living room in the remote town of La Vega. Lisa Marie gave a fake passport number and spelled her first or last name wrong in four different ways while writing in the register that was an actress, despite never appearing once in a film or even acting on any stage anywhere, at any time. According to the official wedding registration book and the JP’s newspaper interview in his living room, the “wedding” took place at 10:00am in that same place, the living room in the JP’s home. But hotel records show that Presley and Jackson, along with Presley’s Scientology entourage were staying, in separate rooms, in separate buildings, at Casa de Campo, a resort more than 4 and 1/2 hours drive away, over unpaved and unmarked roads through the mountains. 

To get to the JP’s home in La Vega at 10am, they would had to have left their hotel no later than 5:30am. In 1994, many years before the toll road through the mountains was built, the only way to get from Casa de Campo to La Vega (and back) was to drive west from the resort and pass through the through the incredible morning rush hour traffic jam that is Santo Domingo. Because there were few actually working traffic lights in that city in those days, every intersection in that city of two and one-half million people was a battle ground. Once you fought your way through that and out the western side of the city, you must turn north and cross two mountain ranges (close to one mile high) on poorly paved – and sometime never paved – roads that lack road signs or directions. 

Until a toll road was built in the early part of the 21st Century, there was no other road. There are no restaurants along the way. No public toilets. No gasoline stations. It is a rugged, even dangerous trip in day light; at night Dominicans are wise to avoid it – and do. The 4 and 1/2 hours assigned to their alleged trip assumes no stops for food or rest. It assumes never getting lost. It assumes never needing to ask directions in Spanish.

It may be hard to believe here in 2013, but in those days, the early 1990s – and for many years to come – there were no cell phones in that country. So how these strangers navigated right to his door remains one of the epic mysteries of modern times. According to the Justice of the Peace who claims he married them in his living room – but has no photos of them ever being in his home – there were only four adults (Michael, Lisa and the two witnesses) and a “very young baby.” He says they arrived in a white van, at his home at 10:00am. He specifically states that they were alone, without a driver or interpreter.

No one, including the JP, has ever tried to explain how they knew him or why they chose him, so far away and unknown outside his home town, instead of all the many alternatives they passed on their alleged journey. Why did they not use one of the JPs who regularly officiate at Casa de Campo weddings? Why not one from the nearby town of Romana, or even Santo Domingo? The alleged witnesses on the “wedding license” were Lisa’s Scientology “minder” who calls herself Darlene Love and her husband who happens to be the brother of Lisa Marie’s “former” husband. They were allegedly accompanied, during that 9-hour round-trip trip by a baby “less than a year old.” That detail was provided by the JP during his interview. Yet, no baby is listed in any records of immigration, the hotel or the airport. The four adults and one infant all allegedly arrived at the JP’s home in a white rented van.

There was only one car rental company at Casa de Campo that offers white vans. One was rented by Darlene Love at that agency at their desk in the lobby of the Casa de Campo hotel, using her personal American Express credit card. It was the only white van rented out by any of the four agencies at Casa de Campo during that time. For a small fee, the clerk provided a reporter with a photo copy of that rental agreement and the Amex receipt. After the rental agency confirmed that this was the same van, it was photographed extensively to confirm its identity and its minimalist features. No air conditioning, no seat belts, un-padded seats.

This is the vehicle in which four adults and one infant allegedly spent a total of 9 hours, going and coming from Casa de Campo to La Vega and back during one day. The rental record says the van actually traveled fewer than 100 miles during that rental, less than 25% of the alleged round trip from the resort at Casa de Campo to the JP’s home in La Vega. To arrive at the JP’s home at 10am, the van would have had to leave the hotel no later than 5:30am and travel non-stop. It’s pitch dark at that hour on that date. The roads have no lighting, are badly made, with huge potholes and absolutely no road signs of any kind. Virtually no one in the DR dares use those roads at that hour except to travel a few hundred yards in their own area. Long stretches of the roads through the high mountains towards La Vega are un-paved.
Yet, here we have the claim that four foreigners, none of whom speak Spanish and who have never before been in that country, left their resort at 5:30 (in the dark) and drove through the mountains in that un-air-conditioned van – with a baby on board, too. No seat belts. No padding. We are speaking of some of the wealthiest people in the world and they did not spend a few bucks to hire an experienced local driver/interpreter? As you know, people like Jacko and Lisa never go anywhere without bodyguards, but they supposedly did that wild trip in a foreign country, without even a single bodyguard? No stopping for food or rest if you want to make the round trip in that time. Strange thing is, room service records back at the hotel show that breakfast was delivered and eaten by persons in each of the rooms rented to the various people in those rooms, at varying times between 8am and 11am, while they were allegedly on that arduous trip.

Oh, and did I mention they “returned” to the airport at Casa de Campo that very same day and took off in a Sony-operated jet a few minutes after 12 noon? To do that, means they made the four-and-a-half return trip from La Vega starting at 10:30 in slightly more than an hour and a half. Yet they also managed to pack up their rooms, check out of the hotel and get to the airport and clear through Immigration and climb aboard the jet. No lunch. No bathroom break. No phone calls. (No showers? Yeeww.) The Noon departure of that jet, and its passenger list detailing the presence of the same four adults (and no baby), plus the jet’s crew, are recorded in the plane’s log filed in the USA with the Federal Aviation Authority. The airport control tower supports that entry. But, there’s even more evidence that knocks down any theory that the airplane’s log might have been falsified or mistaken. It also proves who was actually on that airplane.

All air traffic in and out of the Dominican Republic is under the control of the Dominican Military. A ranking officer must personally record and approve every such event, complete with the plane’s official ID and the passenger list. They are especially interested in the private planes that might be used to move drugs or illegal travelers. On that particular day, as the Sony-operated jet was taxiing to its starting point for takeoff, the Colonel on duty saw the name Michael Jackson on the manifest. In an interview for this story, he stated that he already had known Jacko was in the country because the previous day, the country’s leading daily newspaper (Listin Diario)  had published a front page story, complete with a standard publicity photo of Michael, repeating the rumor that Jackson was at Casa de Campo to discuss performing in the Amphitheater at Altos de Chavon (part of the 17,000-acre Casa de Campo property). 

That day-old newspaper was lying on the Colonel’s desk as he read the Sony-jet passenger manifest and saw the name Michael Jackson. He picked his phone and called the airport tower, telling them to hold the plane at its starting position and ordering the pilot to shut down the engine, open the door and lower the stairs.
He has that authority to demand and hold, for inspection, any civilian aircraft. Those officers exercise that authority whenever they wish. He then jumped in his jeep and raced the few hundred yards to the plane. He had the newspaper with him. Today was his teen-daughter’s birthday and he was going to bring her Jackson’s autograph. That’s exactly what he did. He showed this reporter that newspaper, with the Jackson photo on the front page and his distinct (and verified) autograph.  He allowed it to be photographed. He also mentioned there were three other adults on the plane (whom the manifest confirms were Presley, Love and her husband – and no baby) but he had no interest in them and did not speak with them. He had no idea he was exposing the hoax. He then allowed the plane to leave. The log of the airport tower, and the Colonel’s official report and the airplane’s log all agree, that the plane with MJ on it took off shortly after 12 noon. Jackson initially wanted to wed in the air while flying over the island, but Dominican laws prevent this.

Now, let’s return to the so-called homemade video of the “wedding” that was shown on the Diane Sawyer show.  More than any other evidence, is the most convincing evidence of a deliberate hoax and fraud. That home video scene was shot in a hotel room at Casa de Campo, not the JP’s living room. This reporter went to that hotel and with the help of the manager ($50 bucks can get you a lot in that country) and found that exact room. Using a copy of that Diane Sawyer interview video, it was confirmed that we had the right room. Our cameraman recreated the home video showing every detail in the original. It was one of the rooms rented in the name of a bodyguard. It is totally different in every way from the JP’s living room. So, how come the people in the video are not in the JP’s living room, as the official wedding register says? Why is that “ceremony” more proof of a deliberate fraud?

Because, the JP is licensed by the government of the province of which La Vega is the capital, to perform weddings and make a legal record of various activities (marriage, birth, criminal events, property transfers, etc.) only in his home town. He is not licensed for anything in any other province in that country. That is why, to support the hoax, the registration book and his newspaper interview both claim he performed the ceremony in his living room. The entry in the book of recorded marriages written by the Justice of the Peace says the ceremony was performed in his home in La Vega. Had that actually happened, he might have performed and recorded a genuinely legal wedding. But there is the video, provided by Jackson and Presley, shown on the Diane Sawyer show, that undeniably shows them creating a fake ceremony performed in a hotel room in Casa de Campo. Thus we know, that not only was there NOT a wedding in the JP’s home, but if he had officiated at a ceremony in Casa De Campo, it was not a real wedding – and there is no record of a real wedding by officiated in Casa de Campo because this JP had no authority to do that. His book is only for register events that take place in La Vega and we also know that the record in the La Vega book is fake because the two participants and their two witnesses could not have been there on that date and time.
For instance, when the TV crew and I visited his office and put the JP in front of a rolling camera and he was confronted with the above evidence of these frauds, a fist fight broke out. His bodyguard attacked the video crew in an attempt to steal the video of that confrontation. That attack failed because the camera crew included a soundman who was a black belt martial arts expert. He stopped the assault on the cameraman by putting the JP’s bodyguard in a headlock. One of our producer’s picked up a heavy chair and threatened to smash the locked full-length glass door to the street if it was not immediately unlocked.

At that point, the JP surrendered the keys and we were able to leave. Once outside the building, our Dominican driver hired for the day took three hours and a half, driving like a madman, to return us to Santo Domingo in our rented van that had seat belts, air-conditioning and comfortable seats. Had we not stopped in Santo Domingo, but continued on to Casa de Campo, it would have taken us another hour.

So that’s it, right? End of story?
Nope. There’s more proof of the fraud. A few weeks prior to the alleged wedding (that never took place) there was a fake divorce. Lisa Marie’s “former” husband and father of her children, who is also the brother-in-law of her Scientology “minder” Darlene Love, went to the DR to get a quickie divorce about a month prior to the alleged “wedding.” They only cost a few hundred dollars.
Divorce law in the DR for foreigner petitioners does not even require a personal appearance or proof that the other partner in the marriage has been notified of the filing.The process was created to give the local legal system, lawyers, judges, courts and various clerks a way to earn some of the Yankee dollars that flow through the country. Divorces for Dominicans themselves are not as loose-goosey. Like many other Latin countries, where marriage is a sacred institution, divorces for Dominican residents require the usual filings, notices, delays and personal hearings, same as those in other civilized countries. All of that is intended to protect both partners – and society – and progeny – and heirs – from attempts at secret divorces that might deprive them and children of property rights, inheritances, financial support, etc.

But the law for both locals and foreigners does have one common provision that applies to everyone, for the protection of the state, against divorce fraud. A divorce decree in the DR is not final when it is issued by the Court. It must first be published, within 30-days, in a government approved “newspaper of record.” There actually a newspaper in that country for the specific purpose of satisfying the public notice requirements for ALL divorces, real estate transaction, bankruptcies, etc. The quickie “divorce” that was filed for Lisa’s Marie’s husband has never been given that official public notice. So, right there, you have a problem, that Lisa was never properly divorced before this so-called wedding. Further, DR law has a provision that some other societies also have. In order to avoid problems of paternity, a divorced woman may not re-marry until 11 months after her divorce. That way, the theory says, a former husband cannot be held responsible or charge with the cost of support for a child born in a subsequent re-marriage.  Yet this alleged ‘wedding” that never really took place, was faked less than a month after her “former” husband got a quickie divorce.
In simple terms, she is still, to this very day, married to her “first” husband and never was free to marry Michael Jackson, or anyone else in the Dominican Republic. 

Let’s say that all of the above is not true. Let’s say that she was free to marry and that they did go through a vaild wedding ceremony performed by an authorized official who made a valid record. So they were legally married, right? There are laws in the Dominican Republic to discourage fraudulent “quickie weddings” that affect property inheritance, bastardy and so on. That country may be poor by world standards but they have been around a long time. They have been screwed over by world powers and they have learned a lot about protecting themselves from exploitation.
Before a marriage may be performed for any foreigner, the following steps must be done on the public records of multiple countries. Any foreigner who wants to have a valid and legally recognized marriage ceremony in the Dominican Republic (in this case both Lisa Marie and Michael are foreigners) is required to appear IN PERSON at the Consulate of the country of which that person is a citizen. Before they are allowed past the US Marines at the Consulate front gate, into the grounds of the Consulate, a record of the passport number and the person’s name and the purpose of their visit, is entered into the record book at the front gate. US Citizen’s applying the service we are talking about must bring a verifiable copy of their birth certificate and, if previously married, a verifiable copy of either their spouse’s death certificate or a divorce decree. Also, they must show their passport to prove they are US Citizens. 

That number is recorded by the marine at the gate.
Once inside, they first will sit down and fill out a form explaining why they want to see the US Consul Officer. After a wait that can be anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours, a harried but competent US Consul Officer will interview them and examine the documents they bring. The Consul will ask questions to verify that the person is the US citizen they claim to be. City of birth/ Where they live now? etc. The Consul writes the answers in a case folder he has launched at the start of the interview. The Consul will make photocopies of the visitor’s docs for his permanent files. The Consul also will create a three-part form for each applicant. The form is made up in three identical copies (each a different color) of an oath taken by the Consul, saying that the applicant has appeared in person, proven their identity and given documentary proof to the consul, that the applicant is eligible by death or divorce, to be married.

The Consul signs the oath and applies the USA Consul’s Seal to each of the three copies. Then the applicant signs each copy as a receipt that this examination event has happened. The Consul keeps the first copy. After a computer record of it is scanned, that paper copy will be filed in a permanent filing cabinet. This all becomes a matter of public record, not secret files, because marriages are, by their very nature, a public event. The applicant get the other two copies.One copy is to be kept by the applicant, because, after all, they signed it and have the right to a copy. The third copy is to be presented to the Dominican official person (priest, judge, justice of the peace, etc.) and it becaome his or her authority to perform a marriage ceremony for a foreigner. That copy must be attached to the wedding license before the ceremony can be performed. Unless that copy is attached to the wedding license, there cannot be a legal marriage.

Now for the facts about what the records show.
  1. the US Consulate, in a formal interview granted to this reporter after negotiations to put the query on the public record, said that neither Michael Jackson nor Lisa Marie Presley nor anyone claiming to represent either of them, had ever made an appointment of simply showed up at the Consulate for any reason at all – ever. 
  2. There is no record, or personal recollection, by anyone in the US Consulate of any visit by either applicant to get this approval document.
  3. The Consulate staff that was interviewed regarding these matters said that when the local newspaper published the interview with the judge in La Vega, claiming the alleged wedding had taken place, “We knew it was a hoax. We all laughed and wondered how long it would be before the press came and asked to see these public records that we know do not exist.”
So there is the sordid, undeniable truth. It has been published on the Internet various times. It was the subject of 5 television reports for which I provided basic reporting and documents, while working with other professional reporters in acquiring all the other documents and interviews. Diane Sawyer’s staff refused to examine a single piece the evidence they were offered, despite being explicitly warned they were promoting a hoax. No one claiming to represent Jackson, Presley or the so-called “Church of Scientology” have ever discussed, denied or challenged any of the above revelations.

Whether the wedding was real or not, the real question is why did the King of pop want to marry the King of Rock’s daughter? Despite the carnival atmosphere of the whole affair, there appeared to be a genuine affection by Jackson towards Lisa Marie. On June 26, 2009, Lisa Marie Presley blogged:

Years ago Michael and I were having a deep conversation about life in general. I can’t recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Father’s Death. At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, “I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did.”

I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that. 14 years later, I am sitting here watching on the news an ambulance leaving the driveway of his home, the big gates, the crowds outside the gates, the coverage, the crowds outside the hospital, the Cause of death and what may have led up to it and the memory of this conversation hit me, as did the unstoppable tears.

Which idea was she trying to deter him from? If she was referring to an early death led by a dependency on prescription drugs (which Jackson had) then maybe “thought” would have been a more suitable word. Instead she chose “idea” which changes the entire meaning of what she was expressing in her blog post. Could it be that Lisa Marie was trying to deter Jackson from the idea of faking his own death like her father supposedly had? After all, Michael Jackson was obsessed with Elvis Presley and was 100% convinced that the King had indeed successfully faked his own death. Was this the reason Jackson became close with Lisa Marie? What did he discover? Maybe Lisa Marie told him the truth? And when MJ went for it, she probably wasn’t surprised when she watched the spectacle of his “death” unfold live on television in 2009, an event eerily similar to the passing of the King’s in 1977. 

Michael Jackson died and nearly took the internet with him; his death was so unbelievable that it crashed internet systems worldwide. Like Elvis, Jackson was a highly gifted artist and seeker of esoteric knowledge who also asked himself that eternally mysterious question “why me?” he was also a good person that was kind-hearted and giving despite being alienated from the normal world and looked upon as a freak. Later when Jackson started revealing truths in his songs the establishment tried to ruin him. 

The parallels between the two are freaky; both were born to extreme poverty but became massive global musical icons selling hundreds of millions of records each. Author and Elvis historian Alanna Nash says, “Like Elvis, Jackson unified black and white listeners, and made startlingly important, memorable, and era-defining music. Jackson was also a completely luminous performer -- you couldn't take your eyes off of him -- and part of it was because you sensed that this was an extraordinarily damaged boy-man, again, like Elvis, a Peter Pan, a puer aeternus.(Latin for "eternal boy")”

But while Jackson’s impressive sales figures and personal eccentricities defined him, Presley's impact and everlasting relevance were part of a much larger cultural phenomenon. Nash continues, “Where Elvis co-created a musical art form, Michael largely built on one. Where Elvis changed sexual mores in the conservative wake of World War II, Michael only made shocking crotch-grabbing movements. And where Elvis, expanding on James Dean's work, harnessed a burgeoning youth culture, Michael only drew more attention to it. He did it brilliantly but his cultural impact pales in comparison to Presley's.”

Beyond their impact in life, the question now is whether a cult will spring up around Jackson in death similar to the one that grew around Presley. Given the particular nature of Jackson's legal and personal troubles over the past decade, it's hard to imagine millions of tourists visiting Jackson's childhood home in Gary, Ind., or his former Neverland Ranch complex in California the way Presley pilgrims -- young and old -- turn up at Graceland each year. “There will always be throngs of people who will mourn and revere (Jackson),” says Nash. “But because his personal life was so outsized, peculiar, and tainted with scandal far more lurid than Presley's drug abuse, I can't see him morphing into the Disney-zed figure that Elvis has become. It's far easier to overlook Elvis's peccadilloes than Michael's. Elvis was beautiful, sexy, and fun. Michael was sweet, strange, and sad. Who wants to see that on a lunchbox?”

While Jackson blazed his own path that would seal the pop blueprint in replication for the next thirty years his death was so shockingly similar to Elvis’ that it begs the question whether it was faked or not. Some peculiar similarities are:
  1. Both their deaths were claimed to be drug and heart related.
  2. They both died at home.
  3. They were both taken to the hospital by ambulance, even though already dead.
  4. They both received CPR on the way to Hospital and were both declared dead at the hospital.
  5. Both had a weak pulse again after CPR in the hospital before they were declared dead.
  6. Both deaths led to an investigation into their doctors.
  7. Both deaths were announced by family members – Elvis’ by Vernon Presley, Michael’s by his older brother Jermaine.
  8. In both cases the personal doctor was at the scene when the EMT’s arrived.
  9. The bodies of both underwent two autopsies, and in both cases only one of the autopsy reports was released.
  10. The autopsy results in both cases are questionable.
  11. Both were entombed in unmarked graves. Elvis’ coffin was later reburied at Graceland, Michael’s tomb remains unmarked as to this day.
  12. Both were entombed in guarded mausoleums.
  13. Their names were not mentioned in the 911 call.
  14. Both were buried in coffins that had to be preordered and were flown in from other states.
  15. Belongings of both were auctioned against their will after their deaths.
  16. Both were patients of Dr. Elias Ghanem, the “Las Vegas’ Doctor to the Stars”.
  17. In both cases money and jewelry went missing from their homes after their deaths.
  18. Both had foreign managers at the time of their death.
  19. Both were highly interested in numerology and occult dates.
  20. John Branca was an attorney for the Elvis Presley Estate, and is an administrator of the Michael Jackson Estate.
The similarities between Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley become weirder when examining their “deaths” to be nothing more than elaborate hoaxes. From day one multiple sources, media heads, family, and friends had all been listing the parallels between MJ’s and Elvis’s death. Details emerged on how Jackson spent so much of his life emulating Elvis in multiple facets of his life, his art, his music, his clothes, his associations, and his spiritual beliefs. Did he even emulate his death? Jackson spent an overwhelming amount of time emulating Elvis’s last 6 months of life in his own last 6 months of life that it becomes too much of coincidence to comprehend as if Jackson intended to do what he always did best – this time by one-upping Elvis. Both were master showmen and extremely capable of pulling off one of the greatest artistic yet bold moves of all time. Did Michael Jackson fake his own death?

Coroners’ reports suggested that Michael Jackson was bald, and only had ‘peach fuzz’ on his head. They even mentioned that the right side of his face had caved in and that he did not have a prominent nose bridge. But by looking up the image of MJ being resuscitated, clearly the right side of face is still fine and the hair on his head and nose piece firmly in place. Now with resuscitation, one has to pinch the nose to provide mouth-to-mouth, but MJ’s nose piece is still intact in that picture. Also, his ribs were fractured from the resuscitation, but his wig still remained in place on his head? That is highly suspicious. 

Note that the right side of the face is in no way distorted, as the leaked coroner’s report had mentioned. Look at the pigmentation of skin – it looks completely healthy. Given that he had arrested about 40 minutes to 1 hour before that picture was supposedly taken, his skin should have been darker blue tone due to lack of oxygen, leading to cyanosis. Somehow, he even has his eye make-up on and intact – while his ribs supposedly were fractured from the CPR. The Jackson family refused to do an open-casket memorial service for Michael, because his face had suffered distortion and or injuries from the resuscitation. But according to the last known picture of MJ riding in the back of an ambulance with a still intact and beautiful face, it even looks like he was wearing make-up, in all looking perfectly fine for an open casket memorial. Despite this fact the Jackson family obviously rejected the open viewing because there was no body and they chose to avoid a wax in the casket spectacle (much harder to pull off in 2009) a ’la the Elvis burial. 

Within a few hours of the cardiac arrest, Michael Jackson’s close staff personnel were fired, much like the firing of Elvis’ staff and entourage prior to his death. Looking at the video where Michael’s dead body was being transferred from UCLA to the Coroner’s office, you can clearly see the body on the stretcher actually rise up and move. This is after the fact that rigor mortis should have set-in, leading to a very stiff body that would have been incapable of motion. Who is that on the stretcher? 

Michael Jackson’s death certificate was not signed by a physician. Conrad Murray refused to sign it, as did the physicians at the Coroner’s office. Janet Jackson and assorted Jackson family members removed Michael’s belongings from the house that he was renting in Los Angeles on June 27th. A day later, the LAPD launched an investigation into Jackson’s death resulting from a possible drug overdose. They came in and confiscated the rest of his belongings from the rented house IV stands, IV bags, prescription medications and oxygen tanks. This seems strange considering that Jackson’s family cleaned the house only the day before. Keep in mind when Elvis died, his house had been suspiciously cleansed and all drugs gone before the police arrived. So if Michael’s belongings had already been removed, what exactly did the LAPD find? And how do we know that these weren’t planted there after the fact?

Conrad Murray had been hired by insurance titans AEG and had been Michael’s doctor for only 11 days, a highly occult number. A couple month’s prior to this, Michael had passed a 5 hour fitness test for insurance purposes, with a clean bill of health. So why exactly was a cardiologist hired for Michael, and that too only 11 days prior to his ‘death’. Conrad Murray was a ‘shady’ physician to begin with, he even had declared bankruptcy in the 90′s. His prior activity is certainly suspicious, and he of course makes an easy candidate to blame for Michael’s ‘death’. Also note that the heaps of drugs that the LAPD has supposedly located, must have been there prior to Conrad’s employment. Not only that, but to build an addiction and tolerance to them requires years, not just 11 days. So unfortunately Conrad is a poor physician who is practically being framed for a crime that does not exist. 

Michael was a close friend of physicians such as Deepak Chopra – so why would he settle for a shady doctor? Like Elvis he was an expert pill popper and had relied on prescription drugs for much of his adult life. A drug adept, Jackson even wrote a song called ‘morphine’ and definitely didn’t need any medical advice from Conrad Murray. 

AEG took out insurance policy covering the accidental death of Michael – not natural death.  Within accidental death – death ensuing from overdose and drug abuse is covered. So when this insurance policy was being drafted, did AEG have a premonition that Michael would die within a few months from death possibly caused by prescription medications?  Seems highly suspicious. For the O2 Concert – Michael repeatedly said ‘This is it – the final curtain call’, as well as ‘See you in July’ – just before July, Michael suddenly ‘died’. Michael wasobsessed with mannequins, and had these placed all around his residences. There are reports that Michael’s staff contacted Gunther Von Hagens to have his body turned into a posthumous mannequin. But was this only posthumous or did he have replicas of his body created while still alive?  Michael’s personal trainer mentioned that Michael loved pulling pranks, such as sending mannequins in cars to fool with the paparazzi.

Michael Jackson, like the rest of the elite was obsessed with living forever. He thought of himself as Peter Pan and even lived in a real life Neverland.  Legend says that he even slept in a hyperbaric chamber to remain youthful. He was a vegetarian and only had one meal a day, for fear of being poisoned. Jackson had told Lisa Marie exactly how he was going to die – years before. It appears this is something that Michael had been planning for a long time, and was just looking for the opportunity to pull it off. With his eccentric nature, he wanted to know how the world would react to finding out that he had died and wanted to see this event first-hand.
AEG did not contract Michael for the 50 concerts, instead, the entire motive was to stage his death. This meant huge payoffs for Michael – and all his prior debt would be cleared. Look at the sales of his records now – the proceeds from these are being funneled to the Jackson family. Even the closing of his memorial stated that he was still alive, and La Toya said that he was watching it all. 

Like Elvis, Jackson also wanted to live a life where he could enjoy the common aspects such as walking outdoors and going shopping. He is known to have adorned many disguises – which he is probably hiding behind one currently. As to the body that was found at Michael’s house – it was probably that of his terminally ill double. Michael Jackson had plenty of reasons to stage his own death and used the London ‘comeback’ gigs to drum up public interest for his epic finale. Fully knowing he would not need to ever perform at O2 because his “death” a few days before opening night would stop the concert in its tracks. This in turn would send music and paraphernalia sales soaring, clearing his debts and providing him with a comfortable secret life on an island of his own choosing. While leaked details relating to Jackson’s death are purposely used to keep the public focused on the dead Michael, and on all the drugs he took, who his doctors were, what the autopsy results are, on and on and on, all spun by the media to keep the official ‘drug’ story going. The real Michael Jackson never showed up at rehearsal the night before his “death” at Staples Center. The dark footage showing him chewing gum has been proven to be one of his doubles. During this time did Michael Jackson escape to a secretly waiting private plane and leave the public eye forever? An unmarked Lear Jet was seen leaving LAX on the eve of his death in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, back at the Jackson mansion, the much rehearsed show was about to begin. The ball began rolling with the 9/11 call where the caller never said, “This is Michael Jackson’s residence and Mr. Jackson needs immediate help” but instead spoke of a “Gentleman” who was “not breathing”, setting the stage for the act of taking the double to the hospital in an ambulance. However when looking up the LAFD, all their ambulance vehicles are registered with more than just 2 numbers, proving this number 71 ambulance privately belonged to Michael Jackson. 

Upon finding out about the death of his son, Joe Jackson attended the BET awards and was interviewed by CNN. During this interview, Joe said that he was feeling fine and even went onto publicize his new record label. He displayed very little concern for the loss of his son. Meanwhile Jackson’s mother – Katherine was caught shopping at Target, just one day after the death of her cherished son. Why is it that none of Jackson’s close friends attended his funeral – i.e. Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Marie Presley, Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, Uri Geller or Oprah Winfrey? Why did the very particular phrase “I am alive and will live forever” in blue lettering appear on the back wall of the stage at the end of the service? 

The lyrics of his song “Xscape” clearly state what Michael Jackson’s intentions were, intentions that he put into practice with help from Lisa Marie. During their “marriage” she learned of Jackson’s desire to escape like her father did and it’s possible she coached him on how to successfully stage such an event. Jackson got the goods from her on how Elvis’ death was staged and successfully “sold” to the public by the media back in 1977 and now it was his turn to do the deed. Did Jackson successfully fake his own death in 2009 like Elvis might have in 1977? If so the IRS wasn’t going to get shafted when it came to the massive amounts of money the Jackson estate began accumulating after his “death”. 
 The Guardian reports:

US government officials have opened a case against the estate of Michael Jackson, claiming that the singer’s executors owe almost three quarters of a billion dollars in back taxes and penalties. According to documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times, there is a huge gap between executors’ valuation of the Jackson estate and what has been calculated by government auditors. The estate claimed that when Jackson died in June 2009, his net worth was a mere $7m (£4.3m). The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) came to a figure about 160 times higher: $1.125bn (£76m). The difference is so big that the IRS has allegedly given the submission a gross valuation misstatement penalty, entitling it to an extra 20% in fines.
Although it is well documented that Jackson was in debt at the time of his death, the singer still had huge financial resources: rights to his own back catalogue, rights to his likeness and name, plus the publishing catalogue for artists including the Beatles, Hank Williams and Eminem.

The Jackson estate is accused of undervaluing these holdings. Whereas the IRS pegged the value of the singer’s likeness at $434.3m (£264.7m), executors claimed that it was worth just over $2,000 (£1,200). Jackson’s stake in Sony/ATV Music Publishing – worth an estimated $469m (£285m), according to officials – was reportedly valued at “zero” dollars. The Jackson estate is also accused of skimping on its valuations of stocks, Rolls-Royces and master tapes for the Jackson 5. While reps have yet to comment on the case, executors for the Smooth Criminal star have reportedly hired “top tax litigators” from the Los Angeles firm Hochman, Salkin, Rettig, Toscher & Perez.

A crushing 700 million dollar fine by the IRS will keep the financial power structure in Jackson’s estate entangled for decades. Meanwhile some believe that the real Michael Jackson actually died in the 80's....