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The Brothers Tsarnaev - It Rolls off the tongue like a classic Dostoevsky Novel. It might as well be a work of fiction because the official narrative put forth by the mainstream media is undoubtedly a fairy tale in every sense of the word.

The most recent episode of 'Dateline' promised to give us the latest breaking news and exclusive footage from the F.B.I. that proved these two dangerous brothers were the scariest thing since 9/11 but all they could muster up was eyewitnesses that heard gunshots and photos of the brothers just walking around the scene of the crime without actually doing any bombing. Not one word from the MSM about the scheduled bomb drills either. The FBI even said in their big press conference where the unveiled the brothers Tsarnaev as the culprits not to look at any other photos on the Internet and that only photos from the FBI are credible! Lol!

OMG yes they actually said that. It's like a killer saying don't look for that dead body in my back yard. Here's why you should not only be shaking in your boots, but also very concerned for the future of America, a future that is quickly being turned into a police state nightmare straight out of bad science fiction movies from the 70's. 

The Boston Bombings were a staged event. A false flag operation with the goal of implementing a 'Martial Law' conditioning drill on the people. It was a test to see how easy it would be to lock down a city and what the public's response would be. Needless to say the NWO passed the test with flying colors, and did so on Patriot's day in the town that provided the sparks for the revolutionary War. George Washington and the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves! The Boston Bombings planted the seed of accepting Martial Law and as Brother Nathanael explains in the video below an Omen of things to come...

Now that we know why the Boston Bombings were carried out (Martial Law Conditioning) let's take a look at the patsies that were doomed to take the fall. It doesn't take long to figure out that the Brothers Tsarnaev are innocent and here's why:

Accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, “had no firearms” when he came under a barrage of police gunfire, despite statements by police officials following his capture that “he had fired from the boat” and that he was “captured with several weapons,”

Younger brother Dzhokhar is clearly shown coming out of the boat unarmed, uninjured and with his hands up. The Police didn't care they shot anyways! 
They obviously wanted to kill him but he was luckily behind the inboard engine of the boat, which shielded him from the bullets. The pigs must have been furious! 

Notice the irregular, dark stains on the entire left sleeve, the right forearm sleeve and lower front? If he were shot on the throat, there would be blood all over the chest of that shirt. So, what are those darkened areas? Rainwater sitting in the bottom of the boat? The Boat's engine clearly saved his life but somehow after being taken into custody by the police he received a mysterious throat injury severe enough to prevent Tsarnaev from ever talking again.
When did his throat get ripped out??
Having your vocal cords ripped out is a good way to make sure no one says something the FBI doesn't want to hear about. Good thing the younger brother posted on Facebook that he was Set up by 'The Man' and not to believe what they will be saying about him being the Boston bomber. He also posted on Twitter that 9/11 was an inside job and listened to Infowars. Dzhokhar went to college, played Fifa Soccer on the Xbox and smoked mad weed. He was by all accounts a normal teenager, however, he was still a patsy and shared similarities with the most famous patsy of all time Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald's last word were even "I'm just a patsy!"

Despite the FBI covering up for the real terrorists, Photographs of the Boston bombings absolutely exonerate Dzokhar Tsarnaev, who is seen in this photograph leaving after the bombing with his backpack still on!

So who were the real terrorists? These Assholes!

How about the fact that the FBI Photoshopped the brothers bag into the picture?

Or the clear indication that paramilitary groups and their vehicles were all over the place.

And the most obvious of all tell-tale false flag warning signs - Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as 'controlled explosion' drill by Boston bomb squad!

A FACT the MSM ADMITTED three weeks later!!!

There is always a DRILL planned so that the false flag can go live without it being overly strange or shocking to the people involved in the drill. 

Go HERE for an excellent summary of what false flag events are and how to look out for them.

When these drills are staged they also include Crisis Actors and yes they do exist, you can even apply to be one Here.

Here's a frame by frame breakdown of the ACTORS caught playing roles designed specifically around the bombing of the Boston marathon. 

ACTORS were used! Crises ACTORS! More ACTORS!!

What about Jeff Bauman, the celebrated man in the wheelchair that identified one of the brothers as the bomber? Was he legitimately hurt in the attacks? Or is he another Actor? It appears that he lost his legs while on duty in Afghanistanand has been doing crisis actor work ever since. He even appeared at Sandy Hook!  

The Police commissioner even made one of the biggest freudian slips ever and called the suspects ACTORS!! Lol

How about the fact that supposedly the older brother was killed in a shoot out and then ran over by his brother while escaping the police after a Rambo inspired shoot out. After all that is the official version of what happened. Take a look...

But how in the hell did this happen if the older brother was captured alive as proved in the video below?

The mother even believes her eldest son is still alive and claims that the FBI had followed them for years and that older brother Tamerlan even attended a CIA workshop! 

The FBI tried but failed hard at covering up their ties with the Brothers Tsarnaev after staging a big press conference acting like they had no idea whose thee big bad terrorist where.

Unfortunately for the brothers it appears that they might have been set-up since the beginning, only to be used by the FBI at their own expense when the time was right. Why do I think this? 

Only because their Uncle is a known CIA cohort that is even married to the daughter of a top CIA Official! 

When studying the pictures of the bomb scene. You can clearly see all of the various patsies that were assembled. Including the first choice patsy - crazy white dude. Straight out of central casting, he would have been perfect for the talking heads to attack the 2nd amendment, tea-party, NRA and of course those dangerous guns and black powder. He might have been a veteran too - how perfect! lol However an online stampede of real journalism and false flag paranoia forced the feds to scratch him off the list. Check out the pictures, he even has the bag that is seen mangled in the official FBI photos!! D'oh

Moving on to the much hyped Saudi Patsy, who was scrubbed immediately after the FBI found out it was Bin Laden's son!

It's still unclear why they wouldn't want to use Bin Laden's son as the main perpetrator of the Boston Bombings. I mean how perfect right? I guess they are going to use him later at a much bigger event?

With patsies one and two out of the way the Feds decided to still go for some Muslim bashing and left with no choice but to use the brothers Tsarnaev, they began to inform the press that they had their suspects. Now, obviously the older brother Tamerlan had become more radicalized over the years, and was even duped by an FBI informant that acted as a hardcore Muslim Jihadist. Being brainwashed by the CIA and hanging out with the FEDS is a bad move. If they ever come around trying to be buddies Run! 

Apparently Tamerlan wasn't making enough money as a boxer and with a new wife and baby to support he accepted jobs spying with the FBI. He traveled to Russia and was paid good enough to be considered a playboy by those who knew him. Playboys need money but according to the Daily Mail Tamerlan collected Welfare while forcing his wife to work 80 hours a week while he plotted to destroy give me a break. Oh and while getting all Dr. Evil with his planning, his younger brother Dzhokhar supported himself by selling weed at college. What terrorists!! 

It's also been speculated that Tamerlan was a Double Agent

So, having been in bed with the Feds for a few years and having an uncle with direct ties to the CIA it's more than likely that Tamerlan was going to be a key asset to be used by the intelligence community sometime in the future. Well that time was Patriot's day April 15, 2013, when he got a call to "meet us" down at the Marathon. Tamerlan showed up and being a good little brother following along so did Dzhokar. Too dam bad, because by the end of the day their lives and the course of American history would never be the same. 

The bombs go off and the brothers Tsarnaev like everyone else go running. Keep in mind that lots of people had backpacks on and despite a heavy police presence, the FBI and private military crews all standing around - Nobody stopped the Bombs from going off!!! Double D'oh
Oh, what about the bomb sniffing dogs that just happened to be at the finish line and the mysterious man on the roof that the MSM not surprisingly ever said anything about.

The younger brother is even seen running with his Backpack still on! Apparently that doesn't matter to the FBI. Remember the FBI's sole purpose is to police and direct and make sure the cover-up goes according to thier agenda.

After the explosions go off the brother's run to safety and continue on with their lives as if it was just another day in the hood. The younger brother Dzhokhar even returned to his dorm at college and continued to partake in his daily routine of smoking blunts and playing video games. He even went to the gym to get a workout in and according to his best friend at school, Dzhokhar wasn't acting strange at all. Why would he be when he was innocent! The normal college life at UMass ended forever when the next day Dzhokhar learned that he was set up to take the fall as the Boston Bomber. 

Sometime during the afternoon of April the 16th Tamerlan gets the dreaded phone call saying all the other patsy's aren't panning out and that we need to you take one for the team. Well they didn't say exactly that but according to his last conversation with his mother Tamerlan "Said he got a private phone call from (the FBI)  that they told him he was under suspicion and should come see them. If you need me, you will find me,’ he said, and hung up,” 

Tamerlan didn't seem too worried and he and his little bro headed out the house only to learn they were public enemies number one and that every cop in Boston wanted them captured dead or alive! 

Shit got serious after the police started firing at them, forcing Tamerlan to make a final phone call telling his mother that he loved her.  Around 10 pm it was falsely reported they robbed a 7-11 (They Didn't)  and while in the parking lot carjacked a Chinese dude. Also they killed a campus MIT officer, supposedly for his gun but during the shootouts there were bombs and grenades going off all over the place. Which brings to mind all the patsy's and black ops agents running around. Who knows just who the hell the police were firing at?!! And keep in mind that neither Tamerlan or his younger brother had weapons training, therefor there is no way they would have been able to hold their own in what witnesses describe as "Intense Firefights".
In a short time Tamerlan would be murdered and his younger brother, although uninjured and unarmed when initially surrendering would  have have his vocal cords ripped out and officially charged with being the terrorist behind the Boston Bombings. According to the FEDS Dzhokhar admitted to doing the bombings, and there's no way they would ever lie to us.
Meanwhile the NWO totally pulled off an epic and successful example of how to implement Martial Law in a major metropolis. They pulled it off without a hitch and sadly Americans even cheered for it. Imagine shutting down an entire city, and then going door to door with swat teams while rolling tanks down the middle of the street. Goodbye 4th amendment! 

Oh, and they JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE ALL THESE MILLION DOLLAR TANKS AND MILITARY VEHICLES LAYING AROUND FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Geez, good thing because they sure didn't waste any time by rolling them down the street in an unprecedented showing of police state macho-mania. They even forced everyone to stay indoors and shut down all business's and public transportation.


They actually did this in America, going door to door at gunpoint and forcing American citizens to comply. It's in the public mind now, desensitized to the point when they set off a dirty bomb next and then come door to door to take your guns and to order you to the FEMA concentration camps you won't be as shocked because you seen it already on Television. Think about it, they shut down an entire city for two guys that supposedly killed three people. Meanwhile in Chicago there is a shooting every six hours despite a city wide ban on Guns. 

The bottom line is that the Brothers Tsarnaev were poor patsies that found out the hard way why you should never get involved with any alphabet government agency. 
We also learned that the NWO agenda barrels on full steam ahead and despite being caught red-handed in being complicit in the cover-up the FBI doesn't give a shit because they will never be prosecuted or held accountable. They are certainly pissed off at the internet for continuing to expose their dastardly deeds so except to see the internet as we know it gone the way of the doo-doo bird real soon.  Also expect this event to lead to more calls for the use of Drones. The Mayor of Boston has already said that he wants Drones to patrol the skies during next year's Boston Marathon. You have been warned.

The 'Real President' Ron Paul speaks out against the absurdity of the Police state and Martial Law seen in Boston...


  1. You are one seriously brain damaged liar.

  2. Oh, congratulations, you got a shill.

    My only complaint is that Ron Paul is NOT the "Real President". We haven't had one of those since JFK, and could not have one ever again until we've knocked out this nest of corruption that is posing as our government.

    They can get this in-your-face with this sloppy, sloppy, sloppy sick ruse because we never DO anything about it but whine.

  3. Somehow you missed mentioning the Jews? They always in for a good bombing... Also if you check a higher res pic that is no Tamerlane in the pic with his brother rounding the corner. Also MOSSAD likes to pose as FBI or CIA and they have been caught at it a number of times. They could have set him up as well. Think Jews don't like bombs? Check out the kIng David Hotel bombing done by Begin in 1946. 91 dead there. Real dead too. Not fake actors.

    1. The US is good when it comes to lies. Tell me about it, I am a Latin American person and we have lived the tragedies created by the US and the Jews, it has been over 500 hundred years of Discovery of America and we are still being sacrificed by the big powers, we have lost our families and our children, our peace and wealth, we have suffered the wars and horrors created by Industrialized countries on demands of the Jews just for greed. America and Israel are totally gone and in decline.

  4. you lost all credibility when you featured "Brother Nathanael".

    It wasn't exactly the strongest case to that point either, but I was hoping you would wrap things up with concise point.

    It's sad that these so-called 'alternative media", are such a poor alternative. You guys unfortunately are slaves to the same system you claim to expose. Instead you fill a role in the system as some sort of delta-male hierarchy niche.

    It would be really cool to just hear from some intelligent people who consider current issues such as the boston bombing without an agenda and without the weird carving of a niche with their own misinformation.

    - -Disappointed in America

  5. Brother Nathanael is tough, fearless, and brilliant.

    Can you say the same? Yeah didn't think so.

    1. He's a joke. He's a caricature.

      Instead of providing information for others to empower themselves within the system or without it, instead he selfishly attempts to empower himself through use of a scapegoat and an "us vs. them dynamic".

      A lot of these websites who link his, or similar work seem to try a similar scheme. Many are obviously promoting certain agendas and or the same tired self empowerment schtick.

  6. Xaviant Haze, do we have the same handler? Your article is spot on. EXCEPT for a few mistakes: 1. The Boston Massacre was not a staged event, it was not a false flag. It was classic espionage - Russian style. Do you remember the Moscow slaughter years ago at the Opera or Symphoney? Chechnians murdering more than 100 Russians in their tuxedos and evening gowns? It almost made me puke? 2. The younger brother's throat was injured in attempt to kill him. It's one of the five deadly nerves that I recommend on my Apache Stick Fighting FaceBook page: Haashkee.Dahszii Hell, just yesterday I was chatting with Bob at the F.B.I. and...well, take a look for yourself:

    Wednesday 1 May 2013

    Dear Director Mueller:


    Years ago before or after (I can't remember when) a U.S. Government agent named Shawn Black physically attacked me with a weapon in the handicapped department of the library at Portland State University on campus and the U.S. government along with local law enforcement covered up Mr. Black's and the U.S. government's violent crimes against me as well as their violations of Title IX, I tipped you off about Henry Makow using the technique of pair-association whereby he paired a German Nazi named Mueller with you. I believe Mr. Makow was an agent for British MI6 or Mossad. Around a year ago, I told Michael Savage about the U.S. agent, Mr. Black's, attack on me and my self-defense e-mail or form to you with some strong language. After the Boston Massacre, Mr. Savage critisized the F.B.I. and you by name for not doing much about that bombing. Just a few nights ago, Mr. Savage critisized you by name again and called for you to leave the F.B.I. Admittedly, your tenure is almost up and Mr. Savage may be laying the ground-work for being credited with your leaving the Bureau even though you're scheduled to leave soon anyway. Mr. Savage claims to be banned from the U.K. That[ ] seems kind of phoney. I don't have any suspicions as to whether he's working with MI6 or Mossad, but at the very least, some of his sources are using him to mention you.

  7. Dave Lindorff in his Tuesday 30 April 2013 article entitled: "Two degrees of separation: Tsarnaev Brothers had a CIA Connection" at superimposed the Lee Harvey Oswald template onto Tamerlan Tsarnaev. In the late '50s U.S. intelligence had several former U.S. military personell pretend to defect to the Soviet Union. They kept their U.S. citizenship and after around a year or two they pretended that they were disaffected and then returned to the U.S. Their mission was to find out what Soviet intelligence was interested from the questions they asked during the interrogations of the new defectors. The similarities between the Oswald fiasco and the Tamerlan fiasco are way too many to deny C.I.A. involvement. Oswald married the daughter or niece of a high ranking K.G.B. official. Either Marina or the father/uncle changed her/his last name. Of course, the Soviets figured out the C.I.A. mission and gave the C.I.A. a message by having the ultimate marine, Oswald (the ultimate fuck-up), marry a woman named "Marina" [the ultimate Russian Bride] and make it back home [Mark Lane].

    Bob, we still have a hostile relationship with Russia. As Mr. Lindorff wrote, the C.I.A. has worked with terrorists who have murdered Russians. They did what we'd do if the Russians were as retarded as the C.I.A. When Tamerlan returned to Europe the Russians had to suspect him. They turned him. If Tamerlan was not working for some Intelligence agency, then he became an agent of Russia. If Tamerlan returned to Europe as a C.I.A. agent, then Tamerlan became a double-agent of Russia when he was turned. The Russians didn't have to influence Tamerlan to attack America. The C.I.A. mission was as transparent as their phoney defector missions of the '50s. All Russia had to do was make sure the C.I.A's. useful idiot got back to America before he fucked up - another repeat of the Oswald scenario.

    On the other hand, wouldn't you or the Bureau have one of our agents or double-agents attack and murder Russians if the F.S.B. supported American terrorists who murdered opera [or symphony] goers in New York City? Maybe, the Boston Massacre had to be done according to Russian thinking because of an out-of-control C.I.A. Maybe the only thing Russia could do was send that message. Wouldn't you. I wouldn't because after the F.B.I. follow-up to Shawn Black's attack, the U.S. government's prevention of me completing college, and my e-mail or form [redress of grievances] to you, U.S. Federal agents have not attacked me, directly. Thank you and please put the C.I.A. Operatives in jail who were running Tamerlan.

  8. The whole thing was staged by DHS which is owned by Israel and with CIA Mossad which are pretty much the same thing.

  9. None of the official government story is believable. Unfortunately that is a damning judgment of of our dumbed down American public. Brainwashed from birth should be the new American motto. The picture of him leaving the scene was taken by a jew who just happened to be in the area. The person that saw the nighttime firefight was a jew who just happened to be in the area. Sayanim hard at work for Mossad. New investigations of the pic showing him leaving the scene shows evidence of manipulation in photoshop. You can see it in the bricks behind him. For some odd reason they wanted no cameras or pics in his appearance at court. He looks much taller and speaks with a heavy Russian accent now. Odd? His friends said it did not look like the Dzokhar they knew in school. Odd?

  10. tsarnevs were both flaming gay homosexuals