How Americans celebrated the 4th of July 110 years Ago

The 4th of July doesn't mean much anymore except for a day off work and an excuse to party. This certainly isn't the empire the founding fathers imagined when they risked their lives fighting the English overlords in the late 1700's. In 2013 the idea of a free republic still existing in America is a fantasy, replaced by a technocratic police state ran by foreign banks and globalist loyalists intent on destroying the very core that makes us  American - The Constitution. Here are some images and news articles from the 4th of July 1903.

Watertown, Wisconsin:

 July 4th, 1903, was an unusually quiet day. No general celebration was held, and we would scarcely know here that it was a great national holiday were it not for the small boy and his firecrackers.   In the afternoon and evening the Plattdeutscher Verein held a picnic on Tivoli Island, which was well attended. The usual number of small accidents occurred. Friday night a carelessly fired skyrocket struck the curb in Main Street, then flew upwards and struck Miss Jaedecke, setting her dress on fire.  Men nearby went to her rescue and put the fire out before any serious damage was done.  Francis Darcey had his face burned with a canon cracker; Edward Conrad had his left hand injured with a toy, pistol; Herbert Kusel’s face and eyes were slightly burned with a toy cannon; Miss Julia Pfaffenbach had her hand injured with a skyrocket, and Henry Behrens, town of Watertown, had a finger torn off with a cannon cracker. 

Fourth of July Picnic at Alpine Park in Denver

As Americans spend this fourth of July endlessly texting and updating their Facebook status, pretty much unaware that one hundred years ago the first "tweet" so to speak was sent by then President Theodore Roosevelt. The message wishing "A happy Independence day to the U.S., it's territories and properties" was delivered by the Commercial Pacific Cable Company (AT&T) taking nine excruciating minutes to spread the word worldwide.

Three inches of  Independence Day snow was dumped on Leadville, Colorado, on July 4, 1903. (Ogden Standard Examiner)

Tough gold hunting dudes in Nome, Alaska had no problem celebrating the Fourth of July. Over three thousand people showed up at the White House for Independence Day speeches and fun, however President Roosevelt wasn't one of them. He was busy giving a speech in Huntington, New York. Educator and fellow inventor Edward M. Gallaudet sent a fourth of July letter to Alexander Graham Bell in 1903 and forgot to wish his fellow American a happy Independence Day! On July 4th, 1903 the "fastest girl on Earth" Dorothy Levitt became the first woman to compete in and win an automobile race!

The No North No South War memorial was erected on July 4th, 1903 in Greensboro South Carolina as a reminder of the Revolutionary War.

4th of July parade on main street in Prescott, Arizona. Today in Prescott they are also celebrating the heroic lives of the 19 Hotshot Firemen that were killed a week prior.

A bunch of rich white dudes used the fourth of July as an excuse to start the Oakmont Yacht club in 1903. A hundred years later and it's the oldest inland yacht club in America. How's that for freedom.

The embattled Indian Chief Red Cloud gave his farewell address to the Lakota nation on July 4th, 1903. This group of Flathead Indians pictured on their reserve in Montana definitely do not look like celebrating.

Why do we even watch fireworks on the 4th?

Tierney Sneed explains America's fascination with fireworks on the fourth of July in a U.S. News World report:

Thought to be invented by the Chinese 2,000 years ago, fireworks have been a tradition of America's Fourth of July celebrations since the country's inception, with the founding fathers themselves seeing fireworks fit to mark the birth of their nation. In a July 3, 1776 letter to his wife, John Adams declared that the signing of the Declaration of Independence should be a "great anniversary Festival" and "solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more."

A year later, Congress itself ordained the tradition, enjoying in Philadelphia "a grand exhibition of fireworks, which began and concluded with thirteen rockets on the commons," according to the Evening Post. The celebratory firing of muskets, artillery and other explosives was a carryover from colonial days. "What was different about it is they began to have the fireworks represent the 13 states," James Heintze, a retired librarian emeritus of American University and author of the "Fourth of July Encyclopedia," says. "The numerical symbolism became very important for the Fourth of July."

Boston also saw a fireworks display in 1777. In the following years, the tradition spread through the Boston area to New York and other cities, with various papers reporting colorful displays lighting the sky at the time. Fourth of July celebrations through the 1876 centennial saw the popularization of set pieces, enormous platforms to which fireworks were attached, creating images of flags, bells and other Independence Day iconography that have lost favor since. Cities sought to outdo one another with their displays, with New York becoming the leader of fireworks celebrations, having 15 different displays throughout the city.

Pyrotechnicians – the best bringing the craft over from Italy – emerged as a profession in the early 1800s, as cities hired them to design and execute their exhibitions. This period also saw the rise of fireworks being sold to the public. By 1783, Philadelphia merchants were selling fireworks to its citizenry, including the very young, making the streets a dangerous place on the Fourth.

"Children would walk down the street in Philadelphia and would throw a lit firecracker on a table of fireworks a merchant was trying to sell," Heintze says. In 1867, the Washington Evening Star reported one firm had received orders of orders 2,000 boxes of fireworks, 84,000 torpedoes and 190,000 roman candles. Terrible fires ravaged American cities and towns throughout the 19th century due to the excessive fireworks use. The pioneers also brought the practice out West, using dynamite instead of traditional fireworks to light up the sky.

Early attempts to regulate citizen fireworks focused more on the noise – celebrations would often start on July 3 and carry on for a day and a half – than the danger involved. It wasn't until the turn of the 20th century that momentum to crack down on street fireworks started to grow, with the American Medical Association beginning to track casualties in 1903.

One hundred years later Americans don't even know why they are celebrating the fourth of July...

Xaviant Haze

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  1. There is absolutely no reason to celebrate the 4th of July (anymore). You have to be a brain dead moron to think that this country is "independent", or that Americans are "free". We are neither independent or free. We're totally dependent upon the slavish state to pamper our sorry asses, we submit to endless surveillance and have stood quiet silent as our freedoms were stripped searched away.

  2. Wow! That dread guy is a real kool kat.
    A real universalist, whatever that is.
    His offspring will be awesome!

  3. I'm from Canada and even I know that Alaska was considered a military district of the USA as of 1867so yes it is possible for them to be celebrating the 4th of July.I'm glad you guys own it and not the Ruskies!

  4. Wow...what a fkn embarrassment to be in a country with these fkn idiots! America is a goner if this is the Public's understanding of American History. They are dumb as stone!

    China? Really? Public Education failed bad!
    Oh but, ask about Kim Kardashian and they'll know her life in amazing detail. They would also know American Idol stars that didn't make the cut. But, the Constitution...forget it!

    Lights are on but, no one is awake.....

  5. No different than AmeriKwans believe the Tuxedo Airmen single handedly shot down all the "Nazi" pilots because the White pilots couldn't get it done (because their penises were too small) or that WWII was fought to free the jOoZ or that Jesus Christ was jOoIsH and not Judean or that negro soldiers actually fought in Civil War battles leading to decisive wins for the North.....

  6. The powers who rule us want us to be stupid: Please read the excellent introduction carefully.... This country fought of the British Empire,ruled by its Jewish Banks.... The War Of 1812,was about THIS...Andrew Jackson fought them off.Think the Civil War was about slavery ? It was about the Rothchilds/British breaking up the USA ! They backed the South. Judah Benjamen was the Confederate Secretary Of State
    for a reason...

    The dear Joooz run this country... The Rothchilds/Zionists of Britain have since they bribed the Federal Reserve on us in 1913...Presidents of the 19th century fought them off.The Civil War was really about them,funding the South ! Juda Benjamen was Confederate Sec Of Stste !They control 57 & of it..The media,culture,and religion is their domain.They keep everyone DUMB,so they can rule through TV,drugs,booze,and crazy religions... Every war was there doing... The run the left/right. SEE END OF SOVEREIGN AMERICA.Brovids.Com..Rense.Com. THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD You Tube.. THE UGLY TRUTH.COM. David Irving Action Report.COM. THE BAD WAR.COM

  7. Those idiots are a complete disgace to U.S.!!!
    Stop watching TV and start reading or at least watch the History Channel.
    If you need to take a test to drive...then you should take a test to vote.
    and prove citizenship.

  8. In all FACTuality, The Declaration of Independence was written on the 3rd, signed on the 5th, and ratified on the 7th. It was written as a warrant, listing charges of tyranny against King George, calling for his head. Literally ALL of the charges filed against him could and should be filed against every president since before Lincoln. Considering the fact that foreign troupes stood armed as "security" over our citizens in every major city on "Independence Day" in this country for the 2013 celebrations, it has to be the biggest hypocrisy in the history of the Constitutional United States. Independence, being null and void through Globalism, the 4rth of July celebrations are nothing more than an opportunity for rednecks and other sheeple flag wavers to blissfully go about getting high on their concoctions of alcohol & gunpowder while ignorantly kissing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness goodbye.

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