Ancient Giants of New York

New York City, an area of mystical lands and near mythical history. New York has always been the center of attraction when people think about America, even back in ye olden days New York was some sort of ancient magnet attracting peoples from all over the globe – especially giants! From the 1853 edition of the History of St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, New York:

A giant skeleton was fished from a pond where a trench mound existed nearby. In Saint Lawrence County, New York close to an ancient fort lie the town of McComb. Here three trenched enclosures, which also could be reconciled to be mass graves filled with the bodies from a great war. No traces of these exist, they have been completely torn down…These ancient structures: the mounds, and hearths are long gone. Only the remnants of ash are a reminder they existed. One such locations was owned by William Houghton on his farm, which was told to be a semi circle that area became a mill yard. The semi circle is said to have enclosed half an acre. Nearby on the next hill was another ancient structure, it is gone today. Beside the hill is the pond to which the skeleton was said to be found.

In 1904, the New York Times reported on a haul of unusual sized skeletons discovered by railroad workers in Katonah:

KATONAH, N.Y., Sept. 6. — While a gang of men in the employ of the New York and Harlem Railroad were taking sand from an immense mound near Purdy’s Station to-day to fill in an excavation, they unearthed several skeletons of unusual size. The bones are believed to be those of Indians who once lived in this vicinity and belonged to a tribe that was led by the great Chief Teekus, from home the Titicus Valley, now a part of the New York watershed, takes its name. Besides finding the bones, the workmen also exhumed a score or more of arrowheads, hatchets, and copper implements. It is believed that the large mound in which the relics were found were once the burying ground of the Teekus Indians. The last Indians were seen in the valley a short time after the Revolutionary War. The bones found today were brought to Katonah and will be reinterred in the local cemetery.

Hip Hop wasn’t the only thing to come big out of the Bronx, ancient giants appeared to have kicked it around Fordham long before your favorite rappers did:


Workmen grading Tenth Avenue Extension through the northernmost end of Manhattan Island during the past week have unearthed portions of about a dozen ancient human skeletons in a little knoll about where Two Hundred and Eleventh Street will someday run. Some were nearly complete, but of others only the larger bones remain. They appear to have been interred in an upright position, with the heads about three feet beneath the surface. Bronx Measurements of one skeleton indicates that the man it represents was more than 7 feet tall. An old cannon ball was found in or near one of the strange graves. Each body rested beneath an uncut stone set endwise. Many similar stones nearby as yet undisturbed indicate that more bones will be found.

Most of the reports we’ve been exposed to have come from reputable sources such as The Washington Post and The New York Times, but it was John Wesley Powell, the Smithsonian’s director for the Bureau of Ethnology who is most responsible for basically keeping the evidence of giants from reaching the masses on a much broader level. Making sure that if a report on ancient giants did leak, there would be no more follow up articles and the original report would eventually slip into the memory hole. The Smithsonian Institution always seems linked to giant skeletons, especially the lack of them as most of these turn of the century reports end by saying that the mysterious bones have been shipped off to the Institution for further study. More than a hundred years later we know those bones were never seen or heard from again. There have been dozens of reports detailing the shipments of giant bones and mysterious relating artifacts off to the Smithsonian institution for further study. Despite this, the Smithsonian continues to deny their very existence as it doesn’t fit in with their current teaching models of Evolution. Although left in the dust during the early stages of scientific discovery, thanks to the pioneers and early explorers of America, the giants have remained in the written record and oral histories of the Natives. 

Xaviant Haze

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