Child molester goes free while a gram of marijuana can send you to Prison

Demented pervert Kraigen Grooms, 19, was sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty to abusing the one year-old little girl. Investigators discovered the pedophile after finding a video of Grooms abusing the baby online. The Ottumwa, Iowa native was given a 10-year suspended prison sentence – allowing him to walk free from the Wapello County Courthouse. He will be required to sign the sex offender register for life after pleading guilty to lascivious acts with a minor. Meanwhile just getting caught with weed in Oklahoma will land you in prison for at least two years. Texas currently arrests people for pot more than any other place in the world, they even charged a teenager with five felonies for baking some weed brownies. Florida, Louisiana and Arizona still love locking potheads up for marijuana, especially in Arizona which despite has medical marijuana also charges people with felonies for simple possession. Check out these horror stories related to long prison sentences for small amounts of weed.

It gets worse if you're caught with wax, shatter or what stoners refer to as dabs, i.e. refined hash oils. The sticky and usually odorless high concentrated hash oils are popular among stoners for the high potency they pack and for the easiness in which they can be transported, usually in vape pens. In Mississippi, possession of over .1 g of hash or concentrate is a felony with a mandatory sentence of 2-8 years in prison. But it gets much worse. Possession of 2-10 g carries a mandatory sentence of 4-16 years. For 10-30 g, you get 6-24 years, for over 30 you get a minimum of 10 years, maximum of 30. Alabama has a 1 year and one day minimum prison sentence for possession of any amount. Manufacturing a Schedule 1 drug in the state is a Class A felony so that comes with a mandatory sentence of 10 years to life. Also, just to show they’re serious, a marijuana conviction of any kind results in a 6 months suspension of your driver’s license. Other states can be equally cruel if not crueler, check out some more about dabbing laws in your state here. It's pretty sickening when a little flower that you can grow in your back yard gets you more jail time than you would get for molesting babies.

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