Cosmic Genes or Genetic Engineering from Ancient Aliens?

Our DNA holds a “dark secret” which threatens to debunk all evolutionary and creationist theories sending scientists back to the drawing board. All lifeforms on our planet came from distant stars by way of meteors, comets and showers of dust containing extra-terrestrial bacteria and viruses. Microscopic alien organisms have been controlling evolution and the development of life on Earth since the emergence of the first single-cellular organisms. The extraordinary claims from astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe threaten to blow previous theories around the origins of life out of the water. Professor Wickramasinghe says the world is about to undergo “enormous scientific and societal changes” as the “truth” emerges. He said: "A dark secret lies deeply buried in our DNA. We are all aliens made up of cosmic genes from cosmic bacteria and viruses that drifted down to us in comet dust and meteorites through the depths of space. Recent studies have shown that a single drop of ocean water contains more than 10 million individual viruses. An estimated 10 to the power of 31 viruses exist on Earth at any time; if these are strung end to end they would span distances that are measured in millions of light years. Such viruses appear to have controlled the evolution of life on the Earth from the first microbes brought here by comets to all life – plants, animals, humans. The acceptance of this once controversial theory as the correct world-view will usher in enormous scientific and societal changes."

The origins of life have confounded scientists, philosophers and religious leaders for centuries with nobody ever coming close to finding the answer. Many people think man descended from great apes over millions of yeas of evolution while others believe we were crafted by the hand of God. Theories of Earth being “seeded” by extra-terrestrial beings are only now being discussed in the mainstream stirring deep controversy among religious and scientific groups. The concept of panspermia – that life on Earth is the product of alien DNA showering the planet – can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. In more modern times it was championed heavily by British astronomer and author on the subject Sir Fred Hoyle. The late Sir Fred believed extra-terrestrial DNA arrived on comets claiming the complexity of life is too great for it to have arisen with no external influence.
He said: “If one proceeds directly and straightforwardly in this matter, without being deflected by a fear of incurring the wrath of scientific opinion, one arrives at the conclusion that biomaterials with their amazing measure of order must be the outcome of intelligent design.”

Studies over the past 20 years looking at particulate matter collected from outer space have revealed traces of DNA adding weight to the theory. Scientists say it cannot have been contamination from Earth which led to these results and insist the molecules – the building blocks of life – came from other planets. Professor Milton Wainwright, a microbiologist at Sheffield University, previously found evidence of algae-like organisms, or diatoms, originating from outside Earth. He sent balloons 17 km into the stratosphere to examine the debris which collected on their surfaces which led to the findings. In 2014 astronauts reported finding traces of plankton on the surface of the International Space Station (ISS) which orbits Earth. Professor Wainwright hailed this the “tipping point” towards science proving that life is continually coming to Earth from space.
He said: “There is growing overwhelming evidence that organisms on Earth came from outer space. Diatoms are coming in from space all the time, raining down on Earth, and discoveries are being made regularly which back these theories. Such findings will eventually blow all theories of biology and evolution out of the water, and one day they will have to re-write text books.” 

Professor Wickramasinghe, of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, said micro-organisms were first brought to Earth on comets. He branded the concept of life, including human, originating on Earth with no extra-terrestrial input a “hopeless improbability”.
He said: “It is far more probable that the impacting comets brought the first micro organisms to Earth from the external cosmos. This is precisely the theory of cometary panspermia that the present writer and the late Sir Fred Hoyle proposed more than three decades ago. Astronomical data and calculations have long pointed to the widespread prevalence of freeze-dried bacteria and viruses throughout the universe. We have challenged the time-hallowed thesis of life’s terrestrial origin on the grounds of its utter and hopeless improbability. A much publicised metaphor used by Fred Hoyle in this context was that the origin of life from organic chemicals on the Earth was less probable than a tornado blowing through a junk yard leading to the self-assembly of a Boing 707.”

Xaviant Haze

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