Haunted Tombstone: The Ghost of Morgan Earp

Tombstone is an iconic town of the old west in Arizona. Founded by prospector Ed Schieffelin as a silver mining camp it soon became one of the most dangerous places in America. Gunslingers filled the graves at the Boot Hill Graveyard during its many fierce historical gunfights and residents of its heydays remember when, “Tombstone had a man for breakfast every morning!” Historical Western figures such as the Earps, the Clantons and the McLaurys as well as Doc Holliday and the “Cowboy gang” gained national fame here and went down in history as the key players that altered the course of Tombstone’s history. A violent history that saw men like John Heath dragged by an angry mob from a jail cell and hanged him from a telegraph pole in the street. It's a haunted history as well. on March 18, 1882 gunfire echoed out in the warm desert night. The bullets ripped through the glass window of the Campbell and Hatch’s Billiards lounge on Allen Street. One of those bullets bullet fatally hit Morgan Earp, brother of the infamous law-man Wyatt Earp. Morgan Earp, who was shot in the back while aiming his pool stick was now bleeding to death on the very same billiard table in Campbell and Hatch’s Billiards.

Though most of the original building was reduced to ashes in one of the many Tombstone fires, the location where Morgan Earp spent a lot of his waking hours in life and where he was murdered is still frequented by him in death. At least according to the various eye witness accounts that have felt his presence. Campbell and Hatch’s is now a tourist shop selling primarily western antiques and marketed Tombstone memorabilia made in China. But the “Town Too Tough To Die” was home to Morgan Earp and his ghost chose to stay at Campbell and Hatch's. Employees of the shop believe that Morgan Earp watches over the store at night, tidying up the place when he sees fit. Morgan's ghost has been accused of stocking shelves and misplacing items as well as moving things around the store. 

Xaviant Haze

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