Flying Saucers and Frank Scully

In September of 1950 a new flying saucer book, Behind the Flying Saucers, hit the market. Produced by Hollywood Variety writer Frank Scully, this little book claimed to have the real answers about the flying saucers. Scully's explanations most definitely did not agree with those released by the Air Force. The publisher's note recognized this, saying "However, we are as convinced as any thoughtful publisher can be that Mr. Scully has approached his subject with probity and has interpreted the facts and figures given him with care and caution. In writing this book he has had extensive interviews and assistance from scientists and other experts in such fields as magnetic energy, astronomy, and aerodynamics - men who are reputedly high in their profession but some of whose names, as will be apparent in reading this book, must be kept anonymous." 

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Xaviant Haze

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