Has Yamashita's Gold been Discovered?

Recently, treasure hunters claimed they have found the Yamashita Treasure in the Philippines. Several experts have claimed otherwise, saying there is no evidence of the legendary treasure. However, a new video surfaced that has supported explorers claim to have found the lost treasure. The video shows blocks of gold apparently found adorned with explosives. Treasure hunters are claiming they have discovered the multitude of gold reportedly concealed in the Philippines by Japanese soldiers during WWII. The finding could mark the culmination of decades of hearsay over the so-called Yamashita Treasure. The treasure is famed as comprising gold bars and gemstones worth tens of billions of dollars purportedly looted by the Japanese Imperial Army. This alleged stolen war loot was reportedly hidden in caves and tunnels during WWII. According to rumors, the looted Yamashita Treasures were hidden in more than 145 underground tunnels and caves in the Philippines before the Japanese surrendered in 1945.

The video displays men searching a water-filled cave apparently in the Philippines where they discover massive volumes of gold bars known as the Yamashita Treasure. The divers were seen getting rid of mud from the blocks of gold that were supposedly uncovered booby-trapped with explosives. The video has been viewed almost 160,000 times since it was shared on YouTube on January 9 and is also discussed in Reddit, says Daily Mail. However, despite claims, anthropologist Piers Kelly sacked the myths surrounding the Yamashita Treasure, saying the theories were just rumors. The purported war loot stolen by Japanese soldiers was under the command of General Tomoyuki Yamashita, who was the general in charge of the country's forces in 1944.

In his statement reported by International Business Times, Kelly was quoted saying that tales of buried gold, silver, Yamashita Treasure and generic treasure are told throughout the Philippines. He added that by tracing disparities of this story they were able to identify that their popularity accords with periods of war and crisis. The promise of future wealth may have served to boost local morale, he asserted...

Xaviant Haze

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