In Search of the Lost Dutchman Mine

The most famous missing Gold Mine in the world is still waiting to be discovered. Or has it already been found?

This episode of "The Lost Dutchmen Mine" first aired on December 24, 1977. Nimoy introduces us to Arizona's Superstition Mountains. He tells us a little tale dating back to 1860 when a miner known as "The Dutchman" staggered toward someone's home after having been tortured by Indians and walking for days in the blazing sun. The Dutchmen reported he had found a mine filled with large nuggets of gold. He was never strong enough to return and the secret of the mine's location died with him. 

Spanish Conqusitadors explored this area in search of the legendary place known as "Cibola". They believed it was made up of seven cities made of gold. According to the Apache this golden underground city is kept secret and guarded by snakes and lightening bolts.

Ron Feldman is the only person so far to get a Treasure Trove agreement given to him by the Forrest service for the Superstition Mountains. But he suffered a Geraldo Rivera moment when he came up empty....

Even if you found the Lost Dutchman, be prepared to spend a lot of money getting all the permits and requirements needed to dig since it's on Federal Land. That is if the Government doesn't kill you first or outright steal it from you...

Xaviant Haze

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