10 Insane Marilyn Manson Videos

There's some who believe that Marilyn Manson was America's last controversial artist. Others are in anticipation of his new album "Say10" dropping in the summer. He even inspired the Radio Head classic "Karma Police". But to the teens of today he's anything but edgy or cool. However, a good viewing of his filmography reveals videos far ahead of their time. From genderless aliens to scenes of obsessive drug use and pill popping transhuman dystopia's, the videos of Marilyn Manson are rich in Illuminati imagery.

The Dope Show

I Don't like the Drugs but the Drugs like me

 Get your Gun

Sweet Dreams

The Beautiful People

Man that you Fear

Antichrist Superstar

Tainted Love

Personal Jesus

The Nobodies

Xaviant Haze

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