Decades later the Phoenix Lights remain a Mystery

Twenty years ago, eerie lights in a large “V” formation traveled a 300-mile path over the state the night of March 13, 1997, with thousands of people, including then-Gov. Fife Symington, witnessing, well, something. Later that night, orbs of light hung on Phoenix’s southern horizon. “Those who believe it was an alien craft … have it easy. It's those trying to find other, less exotic explanations who have it tough," read an article in The Arizona Republic that June. An official explanation for (at least part of) the phenomena didn’t surface until July. By then, it was already firmly ensconced in UFO lore. So, why are we still talking about this 20 years later? There’s the fact that believing in the mystery is much more fun than the military’s version of events. And there’s the fact that many people truly believe there’s a pattern here that can’t be explained.

They returned to Phoenix in the fall of 2016...

The events have inspired Ridley Scott to produce a film about them...

Xaviant Haze

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