Did Michael Jackson Die and get Replaced in 1985?

In 1984 the shooting of a Pepsi commercial became such a nightmare that its star – none other than Michael Jackson – ended up on a stretcher, with second- and third-degree burns, injuries so severe it is thought that they sparked a painkiller addiction that would eventually result in his death. But did Jackson really die in 2009? We've already gone over the tale that he could have possibly faked his own death. But what if Michael died back in the 80s and was replaced not only once but multiple times? Facial comparison studies with his photos, comparing pre-1985 and after and one thing a surgeon cannot change is the position of the ears and the distance between the eyes. The jaw, cheeks, lips,nose, etc., can be surgically altered.The eyes in particular of the post 1985 Jackson are extremely widely set, whereas pre 1984 they were close set. another thing that stood out was... the HEIGHT change...in 1984 MJ is standing next to Brooke shields who is 6ft...

But in the 1990s he's the same height as her?? And a lot whiter...

Xaviant Haze

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