Michael Jackson: The Victory Tour Live in Dallas 1984

After months of confusion, controversy and sporadic outbursts of popular hysteria, often fanned by frenzied media coverage, the Jacksons' tour—billed as the most lucrative rock and roll roadshow ever mounted—was officially under way. The tour is currently scheduled to visit some 13 cities, with a few more sites yet to be announced. Most of the dates—perhaps nearly 50 in all—will be in large outdoor arenas like Arrowhead. The tour is expected to gross around $50 million—though estimates vary wildly—perhaps edging records set by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Who. "Even my mom talks about the concert," laughs Bob Case of Seattle radio station KUBE. "This is going to be THE event of the next 10 years. It's like the Super Bowl—you don't care about who's playing, you just want to see it."

Despite the media hype the Jackson's Victory Tour was a massive flop both critically and commercially. He basically did it for his mother in order to help out his brothers financially. Nevertheless it's still interesting viewing, especially the sword in the stone muppets-esque beginning...
The Jackson's Victory Tour Live at Texas Stadium in 1984.

Xaviant Haze

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