Peter Tosh Live in Atlanta 1983

Thom West interviews Peter Tosh in his room at the Georgian Terrace Hotel before his show at the Agora Ballroom in Atlanta. The Video Music Channel was an independent cable music service from approx 1982 to 1984, and over the air via WVEU 1984-1985. At the time, MTV had not entered the Atlanta market. The VMC was beloved locally as it was Atlanta's only source for music videos, amassing a library of over 4000 clips and a full staff of VJs and program producers. Multiple mega-selling artists visited the studios, and other interviews and concerts aired from various venues.... although now only a few tapes of these interviews survive. Many VMC video tapes had to be recorded over for reuse because the cost of broadcast tape was so high. The first 4 minutes of this interview was lost in this fashion.

Xaviant Haze

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