USOs and the Top Secret Air Intelligence Report No. 203

Another Top Secret document unknown to the American public at the time the Shalett and Ginna articles were published, and not uncovered until 1985 through the Freedom of Information Act by the efforts of researcher Robert Todd, was Air Intelligence Division Study No. 203 titled "Analysis Of Flying Object Incidents In The U.S.". 

In December 1948 Air Intelligence Division Study No. 203 produced by The Directorate of Air Force Intelligence and Office of Naval Intelligence made the rounds at the highest levels in select segments of the intelligence community. This document didn't claim the UFOs were interplanetary but considered possible Soviet origin and described the parameters and performance characteristics of past UFO sightings. Startling in this report and with incredible implication were the contents of paragraph No. 7, which stated, "The pattern of sightings is definable." 

"Sightings have been most intense throughout the states bordering The Atlantic and Pacific coast lines, and the central states of Ohio and Kentucky" the report added "Although reported domestic incidents are widely scattered throughout the U.S., frequency of sighting and number of observers per sighting assumes a definite pattern. There is a large concentration of sightings along the Eastern Seaboard, another large concentration throughout the Western Coast states, and a few sightings in the Middle West. Distortion of incidents by configuration of object and description of maneuverability is approximately equal in each of these areas and this is believed to further substantiate the possibility that one type of object might have been observed in different aspects of flight".

While the air force has always been associated with the study of the UFO phenomenon here we see a keen interest in the phenomenon by the Office of Naval Intelligence. This secret document of December 1948 records the observation that "Sightings have been most intense throughout the states bordering The Atlantic and Pacific coast lines". This very same observation would be repeated during the massive UFO wave of July 1952. UFOs didn't invade America's airspace from Canada or Mexico they appeared from the sea.

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Xaviant Haze

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